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The Foldable Wine Bottle Reusable Bag Promotion

Enjoy it and relax with your favorite drinks in flexible bottle!

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The Foldable Wine Bottle Reusable Bag

Foldable, Reusable Wine Rum Runner Bottle Flask Made from High-Quality Material Plastic

Enjoy it and Relax with your favorite drinks in flexible bottle!
- Are you sick from glass bottles that break during transport and use?
- Are you soiled their clothes because of the fact that the bottle flows?
- Do you need a strong lightweight bottle that you will enjoy your vacation?

Foldable Wine, RumRunner Set of 2 bottles from RestCollection Unbreakable bottles can be used at home to work, in the car, on the plane and on vacation anywhere no matter where you are.
The bottle does not leak because have special shape and reliable cap.
You can always take a set of drinks that appeal to you and your girlfriend.

Do you still doubt? You made the best choice!
- SGS Test report №CANEC1413524403, BPA-free food plastic material, protection of environment
- Set of 2 bottles, holds 1600 ml of your favorite drinks
- Can be used for children's drinks(juice, water, milkshake)
- Reusable wine bottle easy cleaned and washed by warm water
- Very easy fill Wide Mouth
- Can use for concerts, picnics, hiking, camping, boating, climbing and various social gatherings

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30 days Money Back Guarantee or full refund If you are not 100% satisfied with the foldable wine bottle

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