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The #1 Most Trusted Car Storage & Backseat Organizer By Decanus Promotion

Fully improved new unique design!

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The #1 Most Trusted Car Storage & Backseat Organizer By Decanus

Are you sick and tired of running out of storage space in your vehicle?

Are you constantly misplacing or damaging items in your armrest and side door compartment?

How would you like to get extra storage space and a convenient Ipad holder all in one?

We have the perfect solution for you! You need the ultra-convenient Decanus Car Seat Organizer!

It's like having 3 different products all wrapped into 1! Simply place it over your seats and use it to store valuable items, use it as an Ipad holder to watch movies, and use it to protect your seats from dirt and backseat passengers.

It's easy to use, super convenient, and it's a MUST HAVE for long road trips. The car seat organizer is perfect to store books, magazines, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, work gloves, games, bottled drinks, snacks and so much more!

Plus, you can use it to watch movies, videos, play games or browse the Internet on your tablet or Ipad. This is a great way to keep children and backseat passengers entertained especially for long road trips or cross country traveling.

* 3-in-1 unique design
* Convenient Ipad Holder
* Extra Storage Organizer
* Durable Seat Protector
* 3 Compartments for small and large items
* Fits on all headrests
* Easy to attach and remove
* Ultra durable and made to last
* Super easy to clean