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TERNOLA Russian Piping Tips Set Promotion

Perfect combination of flower decorating tools.

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TERNOLA Russian Piping Tips Set

ALL YOU NEED IN 1 BOX. Perfect Combination of Flower Decorating Tools. Different Flower piping Nozzles and Bags For your Professionally Decorated Cake or Cupcake .
FOR BEGINNERS AND PROS. Creating Beautiful Buttercream Flowers Has Never Been So Easy. Whether You're a Professional Baker or a Beginner Who Likes to Impress Their Family and Friends.
BONUS E-GUIDE. Includes our Step-By-Step Guidance, Best Buttercream Recipes, Cupcake Designs and Much More!
EASY CLEANING. Our Special Matte Finish and Stainless Steel Material Can be Cleaned in the Dishwasher or Just With Regular Soap and Water. No Stains.