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TERNOLA 110 Disposable Pastry Bags Promotion

This rainbow set will help you create real colorful playday! Don't waste your time on cleaning!

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TERNOLA 110 Disposable Pastry Bags

RAINBOW YOUR DESERTS - Decorate with different frosting colors at the same time!
FOR THOSE WHO HATE CLEANING PIPING BAGS - After you finish decorating just cut off your tip and toss the bag away! No greasy hands, no wasted time, no headaches!
DON`T SPEND YOUR FORTUNE ON BAGS - We offer super affordable non-slip and convenient set of 110 disposable bags!
MULTIFUNCTIONAL. - Suits any couplers and tips! Applies for cake, cupcake, cookie and other deserts decoration!
FDA CERTIFIED - Our bags are made of clean, food-grade plastic that is safe for your health!