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TALON - Bluetooth Earbuds Promotion

Comfort & Superior Sound in a Lightweight, Sweatproof Package: Work out without restrictions, unleashed from your phone

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TALON - Bluetooth Earbuds

EASY TO PAIR with Android or Apple: Perfect Bluetooth 4.0 Connection with A2DP stereo sound. Capable of connecting to 2 devices at once. Enjoy the seamless bluetooth connection with a long battery life. (4 hours of Talk time, 3 hours of Continuous Music Playback)

OPERATION IS FLAWLESS: Intuitive design of the controls allow for all operations to be completed from a single earbud without having to dig out your iPod, iPhone, or Android phone.

WONDERFUL BALANCE: TALON fit perfectly in your ears so they stay in your ears while working out. They stay in your ear and won't fall out providing crystal clear sound through your entire workout.

NOISE ISOLATION & CANCELLATION: As many audiophiles will attest, noise isolation is preferable to noise cancellation. Noise isolation prevents the sound from entering your ear canal while noise cancellation can only imperfectly remove low frequency noise. But noise isolation often isn't enough so TALON come with narrow frequency band noise cancellation centered around wind and voices.

COMFORT & SUPERIOR SOUND in a Lightweight, Sweatproof Package: Work out without restrictions, unleashed from your phone.