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Vetoky Silicone Mirrored Swimming Goggles Promotion

Vetoky Silicone Mirrored Swim Goggles,Racing Swimming Goggles for Women Men Boys Kids Girls,Anti Fog UV Protection

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Vetoky Silicone Mirrored Swimming Goggles

The features of the swimming goggles
☛ Professional design -- It is in accordance with the fluid mechanics,specially designed for racing,brings you a cool experience.
☛ Effective lens -- The lenses are made of panlite and high-grade silicone,with durable anti-fog,UV protection and anti-impact effect.
☛ Ergonomic frame -- The frame is designed according to ergonomics,will will never leave a mark on the face,and the sealed type silicone ring can keep no leaking.
☛ High-elastic headband -- Adjustable high-elastic silicone headband can be suitable for different sizes and comfortable to wear.
☛ Replaceable nose bridges -- Three interchangeable nose pieces are available to different people.

Worry-Free Warranty
☛ We offer a one-week return and 12-month after-sales warranty service to bring you a happier shopping experience.

Use and Maintenance
☛ Avoid fingers or hard objects touch the mirror and its inside to prevent the visual affected by the scratches.
☛ The anti-fog function is hydrophilic. So before wearing, please use water to soak the goggles, the anti-fog effect will be better.
☛ The pool contains chlorine water and the seawater contains salt which are corrosive, so please rinse your goggles after using.
☛ If the goggles are stained, please wash it with neutral liquid or water. Don't use organic solution such as alcohol to clean or wipe it rudely, so as not to damage the lens and anti-fog layer.
☛ The goggles must be rinsed and aired after use,then stored in a dry environment to delay aging.

Product package includes:
☛ 1pc Vetoky Racing Swimming Goggles
☛ 1pc Storage Pouch(Present!)
☛ 3pcs Nose Bridges(Present!)