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Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses Promotion

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses improve your sleep and health by filtering out harmful artificial light from digital devices.

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Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Can't sleep?

You're probably suffering from excess artificial light in the evening.

An overwhelming body of new medical research has found that this exposure to blue light seriously disrupts your sleep.

And long periods of time in front of electronic devices such smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions causes digital eye strain and macular degeneration.

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses improve your sleep and health by filtering out harmful artificial light from digital devices.

Wearing these FDA-registered glasses at least two to three hours before bed allows you to use phones, tablets, computers and e-readers freely without disrupting your sleep.

Swannies also prevent sore eyes, headaches, fatigue and blurred vision associated with digital eye strain.

✔✔✔ CELEBS LOVE THEM - Denver Broncos star Von Miller and Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen wear Swannies. (See pics)

✔✔✔ PROTECT YOUR EYES - Anti-Glare lens coating prevents insomnia and macular degeneration.

✔✔✔ SLEEP BETTER - You sleep better when you wear your Swannies Blue Blocking Glasses.

"Will help you sleep better. Pick up a pair of Swannies," - DAVE ASPREY, "Bulletproof Radio" #307 - May 06, 2016

"The coolest blue blockers on the market," SHAWN STEVENSON, author of Amazon #1 Bestseller "Sleep Smarter".

"Buy these glasses," - TAI LOPEZ, Investor, Entrepreneur, Business Coach

"Get yourself some Swannies," - BEN GREENFIELD, New York Times Bestseller "Beyond Training" Voted 2008 NSCA "America's Top Personal Trainer."

My secret weapon! Put them on at least an hour before bed, they’ll help you fall asleep quicker and deeper." - DANIEL DIPIAZZA, Rich20Something

"I love them. These are awesome!" - MAX LUGAVERE, Yahoo Health, Dr Oz Show

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Enjoy Deep Restorative Sleep! Eliminate Sore Eyes! Do You Struggle To Get To Sleep At Night? Do You Suffer Sore Eyes And Headaches From Long Hours In Front Of A Computer? Here's The Solution! The World Is Filled With Artificial Blue Light From Electronics Such As TVs, Phones, Tablets + Computers....
Morgan LaPeter Morgan LaPeter  

Say good night to blue light insomnia with Swannies! #sponsoredpromo
Morgan LaPeter Morgan LaPeter