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Supreme Swimming Ear Plugs And Nose Clip Bundle Promotion

Premium, soft, comfortable set of ear plugs with nose clip for everyday use.

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Supreme Swimming Ear Plugs And Nose Clip Bundle

SUPREME SWIMMING BUNDLE: PROFESSIONAL PLUGS FOR COMFORTABLE SWIMMING! Do you love swimming, whether training or working out, but find your ears and nose irritated by chlorinated water? Rather than cheap, uncomfortable dive ear plugs and nose clips for swimming, would you like a premium quality set for comfortable, everyday use? If so, Supreme Sports Gear's Supreme Swimming Bundle is the perfect product for you! Manufactured from ultra soft, premium quality material, our Swim Bundle consists of two pairs of ear plugs and a comfortable, secure nose clip.

Our Swimming Ear Plugs are 2 convenient sizes, a large and a small and designed to easily fit a wide range of ears creating a comfortable, water tight seal to help combat swimmers ear for comfortable swimming! Our Swimming Nose Clip is designed for comfortable long term wear without pain or irritation, helping keep your nose closed while swimming, and is designed with soft, comfortable pads. Our Swimming Bundle is provided with a convenient hard carrying case for easy storage, making lost plugs and missing clips a thing of the past!

Our Supreme Swimming Bundle is a convenient, premium product with a number of key benefits:
- Premium set with 2 pairs of ear plugs and a nose clip.
- Includes large and small plugs, perfect for adults and children.
- Manufactured from ultra soft material for long lasting non-irritating wear.
- With secure, comfortable, non-slip nose clip.
- Includes case for easy storage in gym bags.

If you're tired of ear and nose irritation after swimming, and rather than tough plastic ear plugs that don't work, you would prefer a premium, soft, comfortable set of ear plugs with nose clip for everyday use, our Swim Bundle is perfect! Click "Add to Cart" now!