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Sun And Lightning Earring And Necklace Promotion

These earrings are a great gift idea for best friend birthday, Mother's day, wedding, Christmas, etc.

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Sun And Lightning Earring And Necklace

* Sun & Cloud Stud Earrings
* Made in China
* Material: stainless steel with 18k gold plated
* Sun: 6mm*6mm, Cloud: 8mm*8mm
* Great gift idea for best friend birthday, Mother's day, wedding, Christmas

Betsy Kiri Betsy Kiri  

Adorable necklace that makes a great Easter gift for kids plus fast ship on Amazon!
Shaybaby Spencer Shaybaby Spencer adorable earrings #gotitfreeforreview
Shaybaby Spencer Shaybaby Spencer  

Sun & cloud #earrings
Christina Sanders Christina Sanders  

I got these for me (because I am a different/weird adult) but this would be an awesome gift for any little girls, teens or ladies.These are petite gold earrings, and are the perfect size that they ear comfortably (for me). I love that they arrive in the cute little gift box which is prefer for giving to anyone as a gift!!
Betsy Kiri Betsy Kiri  

Adorable Sun and Stars earrings available on Amazon. #sponsored
Donna Phipps-Williams Donna Phipps-Williams  

cute. adorable. and my daughter loves them.
Donna Phipps-Williams Donna Phipps-Williams  

She loves her new eating set
Christina Sanders Christina Sanders