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Subzero Teeth Whitening Kit Promotion

Our new cutting-edge technology has hit the market! Polar Teeth whitening has released its latest state-of-the-art purple 5 light led that is smaller and more fashionable.

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Subzero Teeth Whitening Kit

Our NEW CUTTING-EDGE technology has hit the market! Polar Teeth Whitening has released its latest state-of-the-art purple 5 Light LED that is smaller, more fashionable but the power remains behind the whitening process. The LED Light combined with 12% Hydrogen Peroxide gives amazing dental grade results in just 15 MINUTES! Hydrogen Peroxide is a stronger, faster whitening agent that is used in professional settings.

This NEW LED is hands-free and attaches directly to the silicone mouth tray. The silicone mouth tray DOES NOT require molding and fits perfectly to any mouth size. It is soft and durable and easy to clean. Tray case included.

•New Cutting-Edge Technology
•Smaller and Fashionable
•No Molding Required
•LED Light Accelerator for Whitening Process


1-5 LED Light

1-Silicone Mouth Tray

1-Tray storage case

4- 12% Hydrogen Peroxide Syringes