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Stone Feather Men's Regular Standard Fit Round Brush Sweatshirt Promotion

Comfy sweatshirt with street casual flair. 100% cotton.

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  Business:  Stonefeather

  Category:  Clothing & Accessories

  People Can Apply:  04/06/2016 - 04/14/2016

  Final Approval Date:  04/14/2016

  Final Shipment Date:  04/16/2016

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Stone Feather Men's Regular Standard Fit Round Brush Sweatshirt

STONEFEATHER is a stylish contemporary brand merging the distinctly contrasting images of a stone and a feather. Providing functional and practical design SF captures the spirit of street freedom by collaborating with artists and musicians providing a canvas enabling them to drop their inhibitions, be open, and create.

[B.D.KIM Limited Edition Series]
Throughout the year STONEFEATHER will exhibit diverse collections, not only in fashion, but also photography, film and music. These creative mediums will all be a source of inspiration for STONEFEATHER. In 2016 S/S, photographer B.D. KIM and STONEFEATHER will collaborate and release an imaginative collection merging nature with fashion.

[Product Description]
- Comfy sweatshirt with street casual flair
- Soft cotton construction featuring a paint brush graphic at the front. Ribbed cuffs and hem
- SF official brand logo at front and on the left arm
- Made from a premium cotton fabric