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Stick'Nsnap(TM) 12 "Happy Colors" Monthly Growth Stickers Unisex. 3.25" Promotion

GREAT baby shower gift

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Stick'Nsnap(TM) 12 "Happy Colors" Monthly Growth Stickers Unisex. 3.25"

Photo glare reducing treatment. Smudge, water and scratch resistant.
100% Satisfaction (Return for a full refund).
GREAT baby shower gift
Pre-cut, individual (Not on one sheet)
Made in the USA to support our economy!

Not on a single or uncut sheet. Single stickers with special scoring on back for easy peeling.
Beautiful resealable package that is perfect as a gift.
Unique design, has room to add the name of the giver and receiver with a marker.

Baby milestones photo stickers for the baby's growth milestones. Different size packs and colors to choose from! It is a unique way to mark those milestones and a great gift for a baby shower. Stick onto any clothing and Ta-Da! you are ready for that special moment picture! After taking the picture you can even stick it in our Baby Steps Book or anywhere else for keepsake. Each monthly sticker diameter is approx 3.25'' and printed on high quality Semi-Gloss coated, sticker paper.