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STEELTIME Men's 18k Gold Plated Watch With Matching Bracelet Promotion

Classy 18k Gold Plated Watch with Matching Bracelet Gift Set.

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STEELTIME Men's 18k Gold Plated Watch With Matching Bracelet

Headquartered in the heart of NYC, STEELTIME has been turning heads with their stylish, modern timepieces. Featuring cutting-edge design elements inspired by its local surroundings, a STEELTIME timepiece will bring the fashion of the Big Apple to your wrist.

This product is a men's 18k gold plated classic watch with a black rubber strap and matching 18k gold plated and black rubber bracelet.

It makes for the perfect gift for your husband, son, friend, boyfriend, or even yourself! Comes included with a free gift box.


Watch: Band 10.5" L x 1" W, Case 2" L, 0.5" H

Bracelet: 8" L x 0.3" W

Heather Baker Heather Baker  

Stacy Tilton Stacy Tilton  

The STEELTIME Men's 18k Gold Plated Watch with matching bracelet makes a great Father's Day Gift! #steeltime
Letty Desafio Letty Desafio  

Cindy Batchelor Cindy Batchelor  

#steeltime men's #fashion #watch and #bracelet #style steeltime
Nesca Crespo Nesca Crespo  

Somebody is going to get hooked up for Father's Day
Bethany Stout Bethany Stout  

#AmazonReview #steeltime
Veronica Reeves Veronica Reeves  

#steeltime STEELTIME is still turning peoples head! It makes the perfect gift for your husband,son,friend,boyfriend,or even yourself!
Laura Smith Laura Smith