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Powerful Milk Frother With Scoop W/Bag Clip, Microfiber Cloth & EBook

Make an unforgettable cup of coffee that even a Starbucks barista would envy!

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Powerful Milk Frother With Scoop W/Bag Clip, Microfiber Cloth & EBook

Every order also comes standard with amazing eBook, a microfiber cleaning cloth and coffee scoop with bag clip.

The only thing better than a deliciously sweet cup of coffee in the morning is adding a warm, frothy foam to the top! And now, thanks to the Star Coffee Milk Frother, you can add the perfect whipped foam topping to your favorite blend in less than 20 seconds!

Product Details:
304 Stainless Steel Whisk (Rust Proof)
Soft Touch, Ergonomic Grip
Powerful Motor (19000 RPM)
Froths Milk in 15-20 Seconds
Hand Wash Only
2 AA Battery Powered (Not Included)
Size: 11” x 4”
Satisfaction Guarantee

By ordering this reliable, multi-purpose milk frother you get 3 exclusive BONUS GIFTS! A useful stainless steel Coffee Scoop with a bag clip to maintain the taste and aroma of your coffee, a durable Microfiber Cloth to keep the whisk shiny and a comprehensive “Guide To A Wonderful Coffee Experience” eBook, with magnificent tips, tricks and techniques that will turn you into a world-class barista!