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Star Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher (350ml/12oz) Promotion

You don’t need an expensive restaurant coffee to make the best coffee in the world; you just need the Star Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher!

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Star Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher (350ml/12oz)

MULTIPURPOSE USE: Make the perfect espresso cup, chai latte, or green coffee with our premium coffee milk frothing pitcher. Use it with your home espresso machine, latte machine or even basic coffee maker.

NO MESS DESIGN: Each milk frother features an ergonomic, easy grip handle and a streamlined pour spout to minimize spills, improve measuring ability and make cleanup even easier.

FIRST-RATE SERVER: Sized for everyday home use, our 12 oz. steel frothing pitcher gives you ultimate control of how much milk or cream each cup of coffee needs. Imagine barista quality Starbucks coffee made fresh in your own kitchen.

STYLISH DURABILITY: Crafted using premium grade 202 stainless steel, you can froth milk in style with our shiny kitchen cup that looks great on any kitchen countertop. It’s also stain resistant, will never rust, and distributes heat safely.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We want you to enjoy using the Star Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher every day and that is easily the best milk frothing pitcher you’ve ever used. As such, it comes with a lifetime guarantee for satisfaction.

There’s nothing like the perfect cup of delicious coffee. It wakes you up in the morning, tastes absolutely amazing, and it’s great for sharing with friends or family. And now, thanks to the Star Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher you can enjoy the most amazing espressos, cappuccinos, caramel macchiato, and even hot cocoa for your children!

With our unique espresso milk frothing pitcher, you can create barista-quality latte designs with precision pouring, and unforgettably smooth organic coffees made from the finest coffee beans in the world. However you use it, it’s ideal size to make coffee for yourself, your family and your friends, and it cleans up quickly and easily when you’re all done.