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Stainless Steel Reusable Pour Over Coffee Filter Promotion

Cool Beans Creations - The Drip - Pour Over Coffee Dripper - Where Quality Meets Practicality

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Stainless Steel Reusable Pour Over Coffee Filter

Cool Beans Creations - The Drip - Pour Over Coffee Dripper - Where Quality Meets Practicality
We understand that true coffee lovers find their own way to create the best coffee possible, but we also know that time is valuable. That's why we developed our coffee dripper that combine quality with practicality for everyday use.

Extra Durability and Stability
"The Drip" coffee filter uses extra thick food grade (304, 18-8) stainless steel on the rims, handle, and coffee cone for increased stability. The inner mesh is made from a higher corrosion resistant food grade (316L, 18-12) stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is regularly used in food grade equipment and medical surgical instruments!

Be Green and Curb Paper Waste
Cool Beans "The Drip" stainless steel filter is reusable, so you never need to buy and stock up on paper filters again. Our filter mesh maintains the nuanced tastes of your coffee while paper filters remove the essential flavors and oils.

One Size Fits All
Our enlarged cup stand will fit comfortably on any cup, mug. or thermos up to 4.9 inches wide. The deepened contour base and curved edges provide extra stability.

Wide Hook Handle for Better Grip
Our custom handle provides better grip and heat dispersion, making it easier to use and clean without burning your hands.

Easy to Clean and Store
Our filter is dishwasher friendly, however, hand washing will take less than one minute. Hold the cone by the handle and dump out coffee grounds. Apply a small amount of soup and gently rub it into the inner and outer filters. Rinse and place in dish rack or hang dry by the handle. That's it!