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Spritz'n Wipe Promotion

Spritz’n Wipe™ is the original hands-free toilet paper moistening system. It turns your own toilet paper into a clean, fresh and convenient wipe. No more flushing wipes down your toilet!

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Spritz'n Wipe

Spritz’n Wipe™ is the original hands-free toilet paper moistening system. It turns your own toilet paper into a clean, fresh and convenient wipe. No more flushing wipes down your toilet! Wipes can cause issues with your own plumbing system and those of the municipality in your town. Available in our clear Original Pure formula.

Safe for your septic or sewer system
Fast and easy to use
Installs in minutes
Better hygiene and more convenient than regular toilet paper
More economical than wipes. Saves money.
Environmentally friendlier than wipes.
No harsh chemicals
Alcohol free
Patent Pending

Courteney Moore Courteney Moore  

This Spritz'n Wipe Simply Pure Toilet Paper Moistener Is A Great Way To Have Moistened Toilet Paper And Saves You Money From Purchasing Wipes. It's Fast And Easy To Use And Safe For Your Septic System. It's Easy To Install And Alcohol Free And More Hygenic. Check It Out. #gotitdiscounted
Ana Vazquez Ana Vazquez  

So Excited To Have Received This Cool Product To Try Out! Spritz'n Wipe To Keep My Tushy Clean! Lol. I Know It Sounds Weird But Hey Let's Be Honest I'm Sure Some Of You Either Wet Your Toilet Paper In The Sink Or Use Baby Wipes Haha. There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Clean! This Is A Hand Free Toilet Paper Moistening System. Easy To Install And Use. #personalcare #spritzn #gotitforfree
Courteney Moore Courteney Moore  

Check out this great Spritz n Wipe Toilet Paper Moistener. It's a great way to replace wipes and gives you a great clean feeling. Link is below.
Russell Herman Russell Herman  

I Received The Spritz'n Wipe Simply Pure Toilet Paper Moistener For A Promotional Discounted Price In Exchange For An Honest And Unbiased Review. Https:// Got This Unique Device Delivered And Was Really Looking Forward To No Longer Having To Use Store Bought Wipes. Only Takes (i Believe) 2aa Batteries. Installation And Set Up Was Easy. I Note That We Use The Ultra Strength Toilet Paper From Charmin Or Store Brand Comparable. Nevertheless, After Using 4 Sheets As Suggested - And Allowing Only 1 Spritz To Occur - It Wasn't Enough To Adequately Do The Job And The T.p. Ripped. Over Several Days And Weeks Have Tried This And Still Do Not Find That This Can Replace The Job That Wipes Do. Refills Are Expensive Too! Liquid Did Not Create Any Skin Reaction. Too Bad - Maybe The Spray Needs To Be Finer And More Widely Dispersed. Great Idea - Solves A Problem If It Works - But This Just Doesn't Measure Up. Sorry!
Russell Herman Russell Herman  

I received the Spritz'n Wipe Simply Pure Toilet Paper Moistener for a promotional discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Got this unique device delivered and was really looking forward to no longer having to use store bought wipes. only takes (i believe) 2aa batteries. installation and set up was easy. i note that we use the ultra strength toilet paper from charmin or store brand comparable. nevertheless, after using 4 sheets as suggested - and allowing only 1 spritz to occur - it wasn't enough to adequately do the job and the t.p. ripped. over several days and weeks have tried this and still do not find that this can replace the job that wipes do. refills are expensive too! liquid did not create any skin reaction. too bad - maybe the spray needs to be finer and more widely dispersed. great idea - solves a problem if it works - but this just doesn't measure up. sorry!
Ana Vazquez Ana Vazquez  

So excited to have received this cool product to try out! Spritz'n Wipe to keep my tushy clean! Lol. I know it sounds weird but hey let's be honest I'm sure some of you either wet your toilet paper in the sink or use baby wipes haha. There is nothing wrong with being clean! This is a hand free toilet paper moistening system. Easy to install and use. #personalcare #spritzn #gotitforfree