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Spritz'n Clean Promotion

Wipe away the smudges, grime and dirt on the screen of your mobile phone, tablet and other technological devices with the Spritz’n Clean Phone Cleaning System.

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Spritz'n Clean

Wipe away the smudges, grime and dirt on the screen of your mobile phone, tablet and other technological devices with the Spritz’n Clean Phone Cleaning System. The Electronic Ion Mister is a sleek device that delivers an ultra fine spray of Tech Clean Cleansing Mist. Wipe away the mist and daily grime with the silver infused MicroChamois. Spritz'n Clean leaves the surface of your device clean, buffed and sparkling.

Spritz'n Clean System Includes:

- Electronic Ion Mister with plush carry bag
- 2oz. Tech Clean Cleansing Mist
- MicroChamois
- Cellphone Cleansing Pouch
- 4 - AAA Batteries
- Instruction Flyer

Heidi Grundberg Heidi Grundberg  

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Marilou Abruscato Marilou Abruscato  

Cool Cleaner For Your Mobile Phone! An Ionizer Spray System With An No Ammonia Cleaner And A Silver Cleaning Cloth And Cleaning Pouch Makes Your Screen Shiny And Smudge Free! I Received This Product In Exchange For Review From Giveaway Service Website. Regardless, I Only Recommend Products Or Services I Use Personally.
Kyle Morris Kyle Morris  

When I First Saw The Sprit’n Clean Phone Cleaning System I Was Very Skeptic As I Have Used Many Cleaning Products In The Past That Use Harsh Chemicals Or Are Nothing More Than Water Based Glaâ¦
Nader William Nader William  

This Is Nice And Simple To Use: Https:// This Screen Cleaner Is Easy And Simple To Use. The Mist It Sprays, Has Enough Pressure Behind It To Reach The Screen And Create A Complete Coverage Of The Phone Screen. The Fabric It Came With, Whipped Off The Mist Without Leaving Any Streaks Or Lint Behind It. It Makes A Really Cool Gift To Someone Who Is Into Electronics Or Has Plenty Of Screens Like IPad, IPhone, Mac Air, 40″+ TV, Like Me
Kyle Morris Kyle Morris  

#spritznclean #spritzn Easy way to clean and protect your screens.
Marilou Abruscato Marilou Abruscato  

Mobile technology cleaning kit - made my phone screen shine and stayed clean longer. Get yours here #productreviews
Heidi Grundberg Heidi Grundberg  

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