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Spritz'n Clean Promotion

Wipe away the smudges, grime and dirt on the screen of your mobile phone, tablet and other technological devices with the Spritz’n Clean Phone Cleaning System.

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Spritz'n Clean

Wipe away the smudges, grime and dirt on the screen of your mobile phone, tablet and other technological devices with the Spritz’n Clean Phone Cleaning System. The Electronic Ion Mister is a sleek device that delivers an ultra fine spray of Tech Clean Cleansing Mist. Wipe away the mist and daily grime with the silver infused MicroChamois. Spritz'n Clean leaves the surface of your device clean, buffed and sparkling.

Spritz'n Clean System Includes:

- Electronic Ion Mister with plush carry bag
- 2oz. Tech Clean Cleansing Mist
- MicroChamois
- Cellphone Cleansing Pouch
- 4 - AAA Batteries
- Instruction Flyer

Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#spritznclean I first bought my spritz n wipe and have been in comfort every since.  When I heard about the spritz n clean, I just had to try it, immediately. .  I am just as pleased with the spritz n clean as I was with the spritz n wipe.  I first opened up the box to find a completely inclusive cleaning system for my laptop, phone, kindle, and all my electronic screens.  There is the machine that uses four AAA batteries, which are included.  There is a bottle of cleaning fluid, chamois micro fiber cleaning cloth, and carry cases for everything.  I never knew how filthy my screens were until I began to clean. First one to get tackled was my kindle and laptop.  The cleaner is simple to use one handed as I hold my device.  Just slide up the panel and let it gently mist your device. The mister has a light during the misting process when you open the slider door, making it easy to see mist.  Its the easiest tool with an effective cleaning solution that works leaving no streaks or spots.  Included is a small grey microfiber cloth to use with your cleaner, that's soft,  leaving zero scratches, yet strong enough to get the grime that builds up in the corners.  My two digital screens I started with,  were as clean and clear as the day I bought them.  I then moved on to every device in my home, including the TV sets.  I turned off the power before cleaning because I wasn't sure if it could be cleaned while power on.  Better safe than sorry.  There's is a white pouch for your cleaning fluid storage, a grey storage bag for your spritz n clean machine storage.  In addition, there is also a plastic pouch for your microfiber cloth storage.  The plastic storage bag fits inside the grey bag, keeping your machine and cloth together.  I'm so looking forward to the next spritz n product to make my life easier as their first two spritz n product have.  Yes,  I was given a discount for an honest review.