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Spritz’n Clean Promotion

The first electronic cell phone cleaning system that is quick, safe, and easy to use to wipe away the daily dirt.

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Spritz’n Clean

Wipe away the smudges, grime and dirt on the screen of your mobile phone, tablet and other technological devices with the Spritz’n Clean Phone Cleaning System. The Electronic Ion Mister is a sleek device that delivers an ultra fine spray of Tech Clean Cleansing Mist. Wipe away the mist and daily grime with the silver infused MicroChamois. Spritz'n Clean leaves the surface of your device clean, buffed and sparkling.

Spritz'n Clean System Includes:

Electronic Ion Mister with plush carry bag
2oz. Tech Clean Cleansing Mist
Cellphone Cleansing Pouch
4 - AAA Batteries
Instruction Flyer

Carolann Iadarola Carolann Iadarola  

Blog Post At Sassy Townhouse Living : Annoyed With Those Nasty Smudges On Your Device Screens? Are Germs Making You And Your Family Sick? There's An Easy Solution! [..]
Jeremy Cox Jeremy Cox  

Https:// A Good Way To Clean Your Devices. Gets The Fingerprints And Smudges Off. Seems Weird Spraying Your Devices, But It Does Clean And Sanitize Them Good.
Kate Jensen Kate Jensen  

Love this little gadget for keeping my other gadgets clean. #ProductReview of #Spritz'NClean
Carolann Iadarola Carolann Iadarola  

My Favorite Gadget Of The Week! Annoyed with those nasty smudges on your device screens? Are germs making you and your family sick? There’s an easy solution!
Jeremy Cox Jeremy Cox  

#spritz'n Getting devices clean is super easy
Kate Jensen Kate Jensen  

Spritz'N Review Aka #ProductReview Of Spritz'N Clean And Spritz'N Wipe. I Received Both Of These Products At A Discount In Exchange For An Honest And Unbiased Review. I Love Both Of These Ideas And They Seem To Work Well. The Spritz'N Clean Https:// Has Worked On My Sunglasses And Mobile Devices. The Mist That Comes Out Of The Spritz'N Clean Is So Fine And Only Has One Flaw. It Is Such A Cool Design That I Want To See It Working, But It Works Best When Pointed Away From The User. I'll Have A Video Posted Soon On My Blog. The Spritz'N Wipe Https:// Is Used Exactly How It Sounds, To Spritz Toilet Paper And Help With Cleanup. Its Like Making Your Own On-demand Non-medicated "tucks" Style Product Using Just Your Favorite Toilet Paper And A Motion Sensitive Device. I Like That There Are Different Scents You Can Get From The Company.
Lois Jones Lois Jones  

If you want to keep your electronic devices looking good and clean, you need Spritz'n Clean. I love how well this stuff works and our devices look brand new now!
Lois Jones Lois Jones  

If You Want To Keep Your Electronic Devices Looking Good And Clean, You Need Spritz'n Clean. I Love How Well This Stuff Works And Our Devices Look Brand New Now! Https://