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Sport Sunglasses/Cycling Glasses Promotion

We believe you will not get better quality for your money than our durable lightweight sports sunglasses.

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Sport Sunglasses/Cycling Glasses

We believe you will not get better quality for your money than our DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT SPORT SUNGLASSES.

POLYCARBONATE FRAME AND LENS ensuring they are shatterproof, scratch and impact resistant and lightweight too.

Designed for almost all outdoor activities with UV 400 Protection where eye protection is so vitally important. The lenses also wrap around the eye, giving the best coverage possible.

The secure fit prevents bounce, and they are so light it feels like you're not wearing sunglasses at all!! Ideal therefore for high impact sports such as running.

STYLISH DESIGN makes these glasses suitable for both men and women, in a range of three colors.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE to wear over long periods of time with no sight distortion or visual disruption, by way of their single lens and sleek nose piece design.

Great for all sports including cycling, baseball, skiing, fishing and so on.

The glasses come with a HARD PROTECTION CASE that will make sure your glasses are kept safe and well protected.