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Sport Headband Promotion

Comfortable and strechy. Portable and endurable. Breathable and sweat-absorbent.

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Sport Headband

MATERIAL and SIZE - Milk Fiber, unisex sweatband measuring 9.45" (24cm) long and forehead part 3.15" (8cm) wide bounded with ample stretching capabilities.
COMFORTABLE and STRETCHY - Sports headband that comes with enough support, proper grip, soft and snugly features, along with an arc-shape enabling it to wrap the forehead perfectly, keeping it warm.
PORTABLE and ENDURABLE - The running headbands are accredited with potent performance yet lightweight and convenient to carry around. The brand's fabric further confers it to a long life span.
BREATHABLE and SWEAT ABSORBENT - Made of premium milk fiber that espouses the sports sweat headbands to be absorbent and breathable. Get rid of sweat in the head and forehead regions to attain better experience during workouts. It is also a great aid that will help to prevent sweat from slipping into the eyes, which might impair one's vision during the exercise periods.
WASHING INSTRUCTION - Washed by hand or machine using cold water. Dry cleaning is not advised for the head wrap.