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SmartMe Baby Home Safety Kit Promotion

Childproof your home with this Baby Home Safety Kit!

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SmartMe Baby Home Safety Kit

Childproof your home with this Baby Home Safety Kit!Your kid grows and makes new discoveries every day. It is very important to secure your house without breaking harmonious development of your child. SmartMe presents a complete safety kit to reduce the dangerous hazards and accidents that can face your baby around the home.

This Baby Home Safety Kit includes:
♥ 6 x Multi-Purpose Latches
♥ 8 x Corner Protectors
♥ 8 x Plug Socket Covers
This is the only package you need to secure your home from most of the major hazards. SmartMe Baby Home Safety Kit helps to save you money and time!

Multi-Purpose Latches
♥ Strong and flexible
♥ Durable
♥ Adjustable length
♥ 3M adhesive
♥ Difficult for child to open but easy for parents to install and use
♥ High-quality, non-toxic plastic

Corner Protectors
♥ Flexible
♥ Lightweight
♥ Easy to install and remove
♥ Fully transparent and keep the natural beauty of your furniture
♥ Strong traceless double-sided adhesive
♥ Suitable for many sharp edges and corners with right triangles, such as table, desk, bed, bookcase, staircase, etc

Plug Socket Covers
♥ Unnoticed design to keep your child away
♥ Extra tight
♥ Easy to install
♥ Long prongs make it difficult to pull out the plug covers
♥ Universal size suitable for most standard outlets
♥ Made from durable and strong plastic 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't like it!