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SmartMe Adjustable Multi-Use Baby Safety Locks Promotion

Keep your baby away from injuries, dangerous chemicals and other household items!

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SmartMe Adjustable Multi-Use Baby Safety Locks

Dear Mom and Dad! Your baby has grown up and hurries to plunge into the large, unusual and such an interesting world. On the one hand, you need to protect your child from danger, and on the other hand, not to interfere with his or her harmonious development.

Now you don't need to be afraid! Keep your baby away from injuries, dangerous chemicals and other household items with SmartMe Baby Safety Locks!

Durability and Full Protection: 3M adhesive will hold for years and will stick to almost any surface allowing you to child proof your cabinets, refrigerator, oven, doors and other potentially dangerous places.

Easy and Fast Installation:You need only peel back protective film from 3M adhesive and stick it to the surface, no drilling or screws necessary.

Stylish Design:SmartMe baby safety locks have minimalistic, stylish design, slim shape and pure white color and will look good on any piece of furniture or appliance.

♥ 6 pcs Super Value Pack
♥ Strong 3M Adhesive
♥ Adjustable Length
♥ Flexible to Go Around Corners
♥ Difficult for Child to Open
♥ Easy for Parents to Install and Use
♥ High-Quality, Non-Toxic Plastic
♥ Installation instruction inside the package 100%

Money Back Guarantee if you don't like it!

ATTENTION! It is not recommended to use locks on porcelain and ceramic surfaces due to the insufficient adhesion.