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SLING-B Soft And Luxurious Baby Carrier Sling Wrap Promotion

Soft and luxurious baby carrier sling wrap.

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SLING-B Soft And Luxurious Baby Carrier Sling Wrap

SLING-B Soft and Luxurious Baby Carrier Sling Wrap - Made from Cotton, Modal, Spandex Fabric - Much Softer Than Other Baby Carriers & Slings - Birth to 35 Pounds-Made in USA

THE SOFTER WAY TO CARRY YOUR BABY Our baby carrier is made from 50% cotton, 45% modal & 5% spandex; The addition of the modal makes our design so much softer and more luxurious for your little one.

MAKE YOUR BABY MORE SECURE Baby sling allows you to carry your baby close to your body, so that he or she can feel snug and safe, step by step instructional manual included

A FLEXIBLE DESIGN As your little one grows, the baby carrier can be used to hold your little one facing out, so that he or she can see the world

WORKS AS YOUR BABY GROWS You can use this baby carrier wrap safely until your little one weighs up to 35 pounds

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Our baby carriers and slings are made to the highest quality standards. If you're not completely satisfied, you can return within 30 days for a full refund, and Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.