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Slicer Mandoline + Peeler + Cutter For Potato, Julienne Slicer,Potato Chip Maker Promotion

Color:MediumMakes slicing so very easySize:Length:32cmWdith:10cmHeight:5.5cmWhat In The BoxMandoline Slicer x 1Blads x 6hand guard x 1Storage Box x 1All-Purpose Peeler x 1Cleaning…

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Slicer Mandoline + Peeler + Cutter For Potato, Julienne Slicer,Potato Chip Maker

Makes slicing so very easy



What In The Box

Mandoline Slicer x 1
Blads x 6
hand guard x 1
Storage Box x 1
All-Purpose Peeler x 1
Cleaning Brush x 1
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Never have another boring meal again! With the appeal of perfectly grated cheese,
beautifully sliced veggies, fruits - cutter for potato, tomato, zucchini, cucumber, onion, cheese -julienne Veggie Chopper - potato chip slicer. your dishes will always be exquisite,
and your friends will think you’re hiding a chef in your kitchen!

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