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Slate Board Oil For Slate Board Cheese Servers Promotion

100% Plant based slate board oil. Conditions and preserves slate and wood cheese board servers.

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Slate Board Oil For Slate Board Cheese Servers

100% PLANT BASED - This slate board oil is made with 100% plant based ingredients such as refined coconut oil and essential oils.

RESTORES & PROTECTS - Creates a clean shiny finish on slate and wood boards to prevent fingerprints from showing. Also prevents drying which can lead to cracking or chipping.

SAFE TO USE - This conditioning oil is safe for use on surfaces that often come into contact with food before, during or after preparation. This product is 100% free from petroleum or any other forms of harmful ingredients. Safety sealed to prevent tampering.

EASY APPLICATION - Features an easy to use disc cap applicator to ensure you get the results you want without any mess or hassle. Simply apply the product into any applicable surface and wipe off any residue.