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Ska Studio Gym Belt For Women Promotion

Made with Colombian natural latex and soft cotton for maximum comfort.

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Ska Studio Gym Belt For Women

Did you know that the fastest route to body transformation in the gym leads via a very few heavy-weight exercises? If you have been working out in the gym spending hours on the treadmill or using low-weight exercises then it is time for a change. Five good sets of heavy-weight squats per workout will add more shape to your butt in five weeks than countless hours on the treadmill ever could. The secret to shaping your body in the gym is that you must stimulate the right areas in your body to change. This can most effectively be done by adding weights to exercises. Doing heavy sets will bring you ahead of all the other girls in no time.

Get the Ska Studio gym belt to support your technique and reduce the risk of injury. Wear it to protect your back and learn the correct posture for squats, lunges, barbel press and more. The belts flexible fish-bone design and Colombian soft-latex layer create just the right support to keep your back straight and take some of the strain from the exercise off its sensitive lower part. Heavy-weight exercise can transform you. The secret to a great figure is to shape it with muscles.

With heavy sets they will grow to the perfect size fast. Within weeks your muscles can develop a toning that gets you the envy of your peers. Remember, small muscles don't contribute to body shape and leave you with endless weight-loss diets and liposuction as the only options. Whats more, muscles also help to keep back and shoulders straight, which is something you can't otherwise accomplish without a corset. In addition, the two-layer design with an inner layer of cotton and the outer layer made of natural soft latex will make you sweat intensely during your workout, while keeping you comfortable.

We recommend to ask a Personal Trainer to help you setup an exercise plan and guide you during the first workouts because correct execution of exercises prevents injury and is the fastest route to body transformation.