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Ska Studio Braless Bodyshaper With Buttlifter And Thigh Slimmer Promotion

Ska Studio body shaper for women who want a flat tummy and perfectly curved butt right now.

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Ska Studio Braless Bodyshaper With Buttlifter And Thigh Slimmer

For a smooth and sexy silhouette Get in shape right now with Ska Studio's most successful body shaper. Designed to smooth your tummy, waist, back and hips it is the first item you need in a successful body-shaping program. The Ska Studio Latex Body Shaper not only instantly gives your body a great silhouette, it also easily blends well with your style. From wearing your own bra to the elastic leg bands that smoothen the shape of your legs and make your body shaper invisible under clothes our designers have thought of everything. Get your summer dress out and ready for the admiring looks of your friends when you wear the Ska Studio Latex Body Shaper.

The full-body design transforms both your butt and your midsection for a stunning silhouette makeover. With control for the tummy- and rear areas you can drop a size or two in an instant and your lifted butt will look even more fabulous. It works with your body so you can feel completely natural in your own skin.

The Ska Studio special design boosts, lifts and rounds your rear without any padding and extra front latex padding flattens the tummy area more than traditional designs. The Ska Studio Latex Body Shaper is the shaper thousands of moms have used to start with their body-shaping program. Its extra strong and full-body design makes it perfect for post-pregnancy shape control and gets you back into your sexy clothes quickly.

Savannah Ramey Savannah Ramey  

#bodyshaper #dunamis #curves #corset #body fits a little smaller. Order a size up and it will be…
Savannah Ramey Savannah Ramey  

#bodyshaper #dunamis #curves #corset #body fits a little smaller. Order a size up and it will be a great product. Quality material. I recommend training yourself to get used to the feeling of wearing a body shaper
Savannah Ramey Savannah Ramey  

#bodyshaper #dunamis #curves #corset #body Fits A Little Smaller. Order A Size Up And It Will Be A Great Product. Quality Material. I Recommend Training Yourself To Get Used To The Feeling Of Wearing A Body Shaper