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Sir Stich Sewing Kit Review Promotion

Our Premium Compact and Portable Design is Filled with all of the Vital Necessities You Need

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Sir Stich Sewing Kit

Do you Love Sewing or have that Special someone that really Enjoys it!

Then our Sewing Kit from Sir Stitch Sewing is for you!

Our Sewing Kit Gives You the Ultimate I-Need-It-NOW Quick-Fix Solution For Home, Travel, College and Emergency Use!

Our sewing kit will make sure that you are ready for your next sewing and mending emergency!

Start Sewing Now with your very own FREE BONUS EBOOK: With picture illustrations showing you step by step how to repair everyday sewing and mending emergencies!

Our Premium Compact and Portable Design is Filled with all of the Vital Necessities You Need

- (10) Needles in a holder case

- (2) Easy Threaders

- (12) Spools of Assorted Thread in Popular Colors

- (1) Measuring Tape 25 inches or 65 cm long

- (1) Thimble

- (1) Seam Ripper with cover

- (1) Scissors

- (18) Straight Pins in a holder case

- (4) Large Safety Pins

- (4) Small Safety Pins

- (4) Small Shirt Buttons

- (2) Large Shirt Buttons

- (1) Fabric Pencil

- (1) Compact CD size zipper case to keep your sewing supplies safe

THE ULTIMATE GIFT for Kids and Adults, Beginners and Professionals, College Students, Teens and Camping, Perfect for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to take on their Campouts and to have in your Emergency Preparedness Pack at home as well as in your vehicle on the go!