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Silicone Coasters For Drinks Promotion

Wisepalace coasters are elegant looking and have a holder to place them when not in use.

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Silicone Coasters For Drinks

Do you always and up with glass marks, spills and wine rings on your precious table top?
- The guests has just left after having a great time and you find out spills and glass marks all over your best table?
- Got back from a hard day's job and just want chill on the sofa with your favorite drink without worrying about spills?
- Looking for a great way to elevate your drinking bar? 

WE HAVE THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOU! Wisepalace coasters are elegant looking and have a holder to place them when not in use. YOU GET MORE THEN YOU ASKED FOR! For the same price you get the best ice ball maker mold that gets 4 perfect round shape ice spheres. BEST COMBO FOR SUMMER! Your drinking game will never be the same again, with ice balls cooling your drinks and coasters protection, it’s a Conversation starter for party and ideal gift for friend and family. KIDS' POPSICLES AND COLORFUL DRINKS! Just pour your kids' favorite drink in the ice ball tray, or add slices of your preferred fruit, pop it in the freezer, now you have upgraded ice ball to add a flavor and color to the drinks.

SIZE:Coasters – 6 pack of 4.3 inch silicone coaster + holder.Ice ball tray – makes 4 round ice spheres of 2 inches diameter each. WAY CHOOSE US?We believe in providing 100% satisfaction and top quality products, there for we have no problem providing money-back and lifetime guarantee! no risks! just try you will not be disappointed!.   Click The Yellow Add To Cart Button At The Top Of This Page and Grab Yours Now!