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Silicone Burger Press Promotion

Burger Fanatic Press is an innovative product that allows you to save your time in the kitchen!

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Silicone Burger Press

Burger Lovers - Say Hello To Amazon's No.1 Top Rated Silicone Burger Press! We are truly proud of our best quality product! Burger Fanatic Press is an innovative product that allows you to save your time in the kitchen! Want to make and freeze your own healthier homemade burger patties without all the hassle of messing with a traditional old burger press, waxed paper, and lost freezer space? Now you can use Burger Fanatic Press!


1. Just fill the bottom tray of non stick silicone former with your favorite minced meat and press down the lid to instantly shape 7 perfect hexagonal 1/3 pound burger patties.

2. Place Burger Fanatic Press into refrigerator, freezer, or cooler. Patties are stay individually sealed to prevent freezer burn when the entire tray is stored in the freezer (buy multiple trays and stack them up). Patties are easy to remove from press, even frozen. The original hexagonal cells design makes it easy to break of a patty. All ofpatties stay separate and don't stick to the walls of container.

3. When it's time to grill, just pop out a patty and return the rest to the freezer.

MATERIAL. This kitchen gadget is built using the highest quality material - innovative solid and durable FDA approved silicone. If you are looking for tools that will last a lifetime, you've found them.
GIFT BOX. Not only is each kitchen tool gorgeously designed, they also come in an elegant and colorful presentation box (check out 7 (seven) image on the left). A perfect birthday or holiday present for any men or women who love to cook.
BONUS. Also, we have a gift for you - Ebook "21 PERFECT BURGER RECIPES + 1 SECRET. The most unusual and shocking recipes".
NO RISK. The Burger Fanatic Press is backed by an unconditional 100% lifetime money back guarantee. Don't settle for anything less. Click the "Add To Cart" button now and order your set today!