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Sentima Watermelon Slicer Corer Server Knife Promotion

This watermelon slicer by Sentima is the exact same one that you see being used by people on TV use to serve watermelon to their families and friends!

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Sentima Watermelon Slicer Corer Server Knife

Meet the #1 As Seen on TV Watermelon Slicer!
Our team here at Sentima is incredibly proud to introduce you to the finest quality watermelon knife tool on the market.

Made out of premium STAINLESS STEEL and rendering a STRONG CUTTING EDGE, this melon slicer will become one of your favorite new kitchen tools. Unlike other watermelon servers, ours is equipped with a THICK HANDLE that makes it safe and easy to grip while serving.

The body of the watermelon knife offers a serrated edge and additional cutouts, which allow you to use it as serving tongs or a fruit peeler. While the slicer effortlessly glides into watermelon, it can also be used to serve other melon varieties such as honeydew and cantaloupe.

This fruit corer is a MUST-HAVE for summertime festivities such as backyard get togethers, barbecues and pool parties. It also makes a fabulous housewarming gift idea, birthday gift idea, Father's Day gift idea, Mother's Day gift idea and much more!

- As Seen on TV Watermelon Cutter
- High Quality Serving Tool
- Sharp Cutting Edge
- Sturdy Serving Handle
- Fast, Safe & Easy to Use
- Rust-Proof Stainless Steel
- Terrific Summertime Gift Idea!

To use the watermelon knife simply insert it into the pulp of an opened melon, gently push it down, pull it slightly back towards yourself and repeat the motion until the entire fruit is sliced. When it's time to serve, just flip the melon slicer over and use the tongs to squeeze and serve the fruit wedges as needed. Yes, it really is as easy as that!

Well, what could possibly be waiting for?
It's time to add one of these stainless steel watermelon cutting tools by Sentima to your collection of kitchen essentials before the summer season arrives.