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SelfisticK By PhotoBOMB Promotion

The #1 Selfie Stick With Wireless Bluetooth Remote

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  People Can Apply:  05/07/2015 - 05/11/2015

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SelfisticK By PhotoBOMB ★ The #1 Selfie Stick With Wireless Bluetooth Remote ★

PhotoBOMB has the Selfie Stick YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!


- Constructed with CHEAP components - PUTTING YOUR PHONE AT RISK.

- Made using substandard wiring and unsafe Polymer batteries that DIE.

- Made with outdated Bluetooth chips that FAIL TO PAIR!

- UGLY and EMBARRASSING (Especially that orange rubber bumper you see on all of them - we can't stand it!)

These problems can ALL be avoided...

SelfisticK by PhotoBOMB is Sleek, Innovative, Durable, and it's the BEST VALUE ON AMAZON

Why is PhotoBOMB's Selfie Stick Better?

- Attractive and Modern Look

    ✓ Created to appeal to guys and girls of all ages.

    ✓ Stylish and Fun, not ugly and flashy.

    ✓ Unlike ALL the others, SelfisticK is DESIGNED IN THE U.S.A.

- Manufactured to the Highest Quality Standards

    ✓ 4th Generation Bluetooth Technology ensures your device pairs in seconds and functions perfectly.

    ✓ Thicker internal wiring and a Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that lasts up to 100 hours.

    ✓ New No-Slip Groove ensures it doesn't wobble or twist when extended.

    ✓ Extra Durable mount can handle any mobile phone, even with a case, without breaking or slipping.

Melody Bordeaux Melody Bordeaux  

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