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Selfie Light Iphone 6/6s Case By Kimi Promotion

Take photos like a professional in no time, by using our luminous iPhone case.

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Selfie Light Iphone 6/6s Case By Kimi


Are you ready for that or is it too much? Take photos like a professional in no time, by using our luminous iPhone case. The results will satisfy even the most demanding selfie lovers!

Being compact and lightweight, makes it ideal for all those who love taking pictures wherever and whenever.

Strong Flashing Lights For Professional Photos & Great Duration

Treat yourself to this impeccably stylish case and feel like a model! Its lights are strong and can be regulated with just a button. You like them strong? Dim? Soft? You name it and it's done!

Thanks to the rechargeable batteries that this case has, prepare yourself for endless selfies and group photos with your beloved ones!

Versatile Uses For Your Pleasure Only

Don't think of this iPhone case, simply as a case. Think of it as multitasking tool!

Use it in the back of your car to put your new lipstick on. Take it along at a college party where the lights are dim and watch some heads turn towards you!

Accompany your summer holidays with this case and take pictures even at night! No more blurry pictures, please!

This gadget is an excellent present to a friend who is a photo maniac, or your girlfriend who has just bought an iPhone 6 / 6S.

What are you waiting for? Sparkle up tonight!

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