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Seddox Felt Furniture Pads Set With Bonus Rubber Bumper Pads, Brown, 152-Pieces

Guaranteed protection from scratches for your floors, countertops and furniture.

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Seddox Felt Furniture Pads Set With Rubber Bumper Pads, Brown, 152-Pieces

- LARGE SET OF FELT PADS - 152 PIECES including BONUS PACK of 25 RUBBER BUMPER PADS! WHEN YOU BUY our felt protectors YOU GET a REALLY LARGE SET of pads of DIFFERENT SIZE that you could use FOR ANY FURNITURE, plant pots, lamps, vases, dishes and any other items that you may use at home

- RESISTANT TO WEAR, EXTRA ADHESIVE! Our furniture pads are made of HIGH-DENSITY MATERIAL and are 1/6 INCHES THICK (4 mm). A soft adhesive bottom ensures excellent LONG-TERM ADHESION to ANY SURFACE, you will be able to MOVE YOUR FURNITURE around so much more easily and our felt protector pads will remain effectively in place

- EASY TO USE! Just clean the desired surface, remove protective film and apply felt protectors to a dry and clean surface of your piece of furniture. They WORK GREAT with CHAIRS, ARM-CHAIRS, TABLES, SOFAS, WARDROBES and DRESSER LEGS

- BONUS PACK! 50 PIECES of RUBBER BUMPER PADS with an industrial grade 3M ADHESIVE - provide SHOCK ABSORPTION and SOUND DAMPENING when shutting the drawers and doors of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, PREVENTING SLIDING & SCRATCHING