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SCRAAAM Coaster GT Kids Lightweight Balance/Run Bike - Aluminum Frame. Promotion

The NEW lightweight SCRAAAM COASTER GT Aluminum Kids Balance Bike is designed to offer the best value, safest experience and the most smiles for the dollar in a kids pedal free bike. The SCRAAAM…

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SCRAAAM Coaster GT Kids Lightweight Balance/Run Bike - Aluminum Frame.

The NEW lightweight SCRAAAM COASTER GT Aluminum Kids Balance Bike is designed to offer the best value, safest experience and the most smiles for the dollar in a kids pedal free bike. The SCRAAAM Coaster GT is a result of years of development and product testing. We benchmarked the best bikes on the market and aimed to be better in every way. Some of the features of the SCRAAAM Coaster GT include: - Lightweight aluminum frame. The SCRAAAM Coaster GT weighs LESS THAN 5 pounds!!! - Kids size handlebar grips. Many kids bikes have 1" diameter grips, the same as adult bikes. Our grips are 5/8" diameter, optimally sized for kids hands, giving greater control and confidence. - 4 level side guard protection grips. We know kids can be rough on bikes; dropping the bike on its side or rubbing against walls. We have added 4 levels of protection on the end of each grip to protect not only the bike but the rider's fingers. - Quick release black anodized fasteners on the handlebar and seat for quick and easy adjustments. - Handlebar pad. Offers an additional level of safety and that cool "racing bike" appearance. - 2 Sets of graphics. On top of the standard "SCRAAAM COASTER GT" branding, you also get 2 sets of unique graphic patterns with each bike. These come uninstalled to allow your child to choose the unique look they want. - Included Bike Stand. A portable bike stand ensures the bike always has a "home". This helps teach kids to care for their bike and minimizes damage. A lighter bike will not only be safer for your child but it will make the experience more enjoyable.The SCRAAAM COASTER GT is the perfect balance bike for kids 18 months to 5yrs+. Kids who learn to balance on a pedal free bike have a much easier time learning how to use a pedal bike, with most transitioning without the need for training wheels.

Chris Waggoner Chris Waggoner  

Big Girl Riding On Her New Balance Bike! Of Course Lincoln Was Getting Upset Because He Wanted His Turn On It To Lol. A Cool Bike That You Can Check Out On Amazon. Https://
Anna Rugan Anna Rugan  

Any Friends Looking For A Balance Bike For The Kiddos This Summer I Just Got An Amazing One!! It's For Ages 18mo To 5year Old. The Best Feature Is That It's So Light Weight My 3 And 4 Year Olds Can Both Lift It Over Their Heads To Carry It Around. My Husband Does Welding And Inspected The Bike And He Said It's Extremely Well Made And Very Safe. I Put It Together Myself With No Trouble. It Also Comes With Two Size Seats, One With A Handle On The Back So I Can Push My One And A Half Year Old Around. It Also Has A Stand So I Can Put It In The Garage When Not In Use And Not Worry About Scratches Or It Being In The Way. Such A Fun Bike For The Kids! Can't Recommend Enough!
Rosy Martinez-White Rosy Martinez-White  

We Got One Of Those Pedal-free Bikes, Y'all! And It's Awesome
Tiffany Ramsey Tiffany Ramsey  

Check Out This New Little Bike. It Teaches Small Kids How To Ride Better Because They Learn How To Balance On The Bike Before They Learn To Peddle. Which Makes So Much More Sense Than Putting Them On A Bike With Training Wheels And Them Getting Used To The Crutch Of Having Them. It Would Be So Much Easier For Them To Learn How To Balance First. I Think This Is A Really Great Idea.
Paula Stewart Paula Stewart  

Not Only Do Balance Bikes Prepare Kids To Ride A Pedal Bike, But These Confidence Building Bikes Also Offer Years Of Fun And Independence Until They Are Big Enough To Ride A Pedal Bike. Product Des…
Diane Marconi Loll Diane Marconi Loll  

*************************************************** BUY IT HERE! Https:// #SCRAAAM VIDEO HERE! Https://
Danielle Sikes Danielle Sikes  

Ignore The Messy Hair
Bree Courtney Bree Courtney  

My 6 Year Old Was Struggling To Ride Her Bike With Training Wheels. The Training Wheels Kept Getting Loose And Wobbly And She Had A Hard Time Balancing. We Decided To Put That Bike Away And Just Work On Her Balance With This One. The Bike Came In Several Pieces, But Was Easy To Assemble. She Picked Up This Bike And Got It Down Immediately. She Loved That It Was A Vibrant Bright Pink Color. It Had 2 Seats That We Could Pick Between To Use. I Loved The Seat That Had A Carrying Handle On The Back. The Handle And The Fact That The Frame Is SUPER Lightweight, Made It Easy For Me And My Kids To Move It Around. My Favorite Thing About This Bike Is That It Adjusts To Fit A Wide Range Of Ages, So Just By Adjusting The Seat, My 2 Year Old, My 4 Year Old And My 6 Year Old Can All Ride It. It Has Comfortable Rubber Handle Guards And A Handlebar Pad. It Also Has Nice Grip Paper On The Frame For Kids To Rest Their Feet On As They Balance Ride. My Daughter Loved That It Came With Stickers For Her To Place On Her Frame To Personalize It. It Also Came With A Simple Wire Stand For The Bike To Hold It Up. The Stand Is Nice Because It Gives The Bike A Home And Helps Teach Responsibility And How To Take Care Of Things. By Using The Stand, The Bike Will Avoid Extra Damage From Poor Storage. Overall, I Thought This Was A Great Beginners Bike! I Would Recommend Buying It For Your Child When They Are Young So That You Can Get The Most Out Of The Years, Otherwise They Might Outgrow It Too Quickly. Find It Here: Https://
Amber Gremmels Amber Gremmels  

I Am Fulfilling An Obligation For A Product We Received. Https:// Milton Is Learning How To Tippy Toe On This Bike, And We're Hoping He'll Soon Be Flying Down The Sidewalk So We Can Stop Fighting Over Who Gets To Sit In The Stroller. It's A Fine Starter Bike, Super Light And Has An Easy To Adjust Seat.