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Savage Expedition Gear Mens SLAB Paracord Survival Belt Medium Black Promotion

Offers a stylish fresh look as well as more functionality than any other belt on the market.

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Savage Expedition Gear Mens SLAB Paracord Survival Belt Medium Black

The (Snare it, Light it, and Bind it) S.L.A.B. Belt by Savage Expedition Gear is a revolutionary product that takes survival gear to the next level. The belt and the buckle are both hand woven and wrapped right in the Pacific Northwest, and offer a stylish fresh look as well as more functionality than any other belt on the market.

S - Snare it, with 40 feet of animal snare wire in the buckle.
L - Light it, with a 2 inch flint fire starter stick.
A - And B - Bind it with 60 to 75 feet of super strong paracord!

Every belt is equipped with 60-75 feet (depending on belt size) of 7 strand 550 test US made paracord (survival cord) that can be used in a multitude of survival or emergency situations. From shelter ties, bear bags, and fishing line, to truck tie-downs, emergency dog leashes, and rescue lines, this amount of paracord is almost necessary to have on your body at all times. Even more importantly, approximately 30 feet of the paracord is accessible as fast deploy; information on how to use this feature included with the S.L.A.B. Belt. The buckle is designed and made by Savage Expedition Gear with 40 feet of stainless steel animal snare wire, which makes for a strong and corrosion resistant buckle! This can be unwound and used to snare small animals for food in a survival situation, or to set trip wires around your sleeping area if you are expecting unwelcome visitors. The pin is a high-quality 2 inch ferrocerium fire starter stick that can be used to strike a fire even when wet, supported by cold-forged stainless steel for strength and durability. Simply take the chrome finish belt tip, and quickly run it down the fire stick to send a shower of sparks into a pile of fire tinder. With this hand-woven belt you will have the basics of a survival kit on you at all times, and look great in the process.

Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

What A Great Idea. I'm Always Going Camping Up In The Rocky Mountains Of Colorado. We Go Day Hiking, But Often Get Back Late In The Afternoon. I'm Not Worried If I Get Separated From My Group Because I'm Armed With The Basic Survival Tools To Help Me Keep Alive Until Help Arrives. I'm Never Without Warm Clothes, So I'm Always Going To Have My Belt With Me. Preparation Is Everything. When My Belt Came, There Was An In Closed Card That Taught Me A Few Skills That Completed My Small Knowledge Base To Help Me Survive A Few Days In The Forest. I Was Able To Make A Shelter, Start A Fire, And Fish, But I Had No Idea That My Paracord Could Be Used To Collect Water. It Has Everything To Fish, Hunt, Shelter, Fire, And Keep Hydrated. It Really Is A Single Survival Tool That Will Keep Me Alive. It Has 75 Feet Paracord, Metal Line, Hook, Flint, And A Reassurance Without Fear. I Got This! It Has A 100 Percent Replacement If You Ever Do Use It To Survive. Just Send It Back With Your Story And They Replace It Free. That Is Amazing. So Much And Then Some.... I Was Given A Discount In Exchange For An Honest Review. I Consider Quality Of Materials, Workmanship, Safety, And Ease Of Use. I Appreciate All Questions And Comments. Thank You For Reading My Opinion.
Cheryl Laboy Cheryl Laboy  

I Love This Survival Belt, By Savage Expedition Gear, I Got For Ray! Not Only Is The Belt Made From 550 Rated Paracord, But The Buckle Is Made From 40 Feet Of Stainless Steel Snare Wire. There Is Even A 2 Inch Ferrocerium Fire Starter As The Pin. This Is A Great Way To Carry Essential Survival Items And Is Also A Great Looking And Comfortable Belt. I Have Been Looking For A Paracord Belt For A While, And This Is The Only One That Also Includes Snare Wire And A Fire Starter As Part Of The Belt Design. Plus, If You Have To Use It In An Emergency, You Just Send It Back And Company Will Send You A New Belt. I Really Want One Of These, For Myself! Https://
Kate Martin Kate Martin  

Ed Henline Ed Henline  

This Is A Pretty Cool Belt. Comes In Several Different Colors. Very Original. It Is Made From Paracord And It Has A Lot Of Wire In The Belt Buckle And A Fire Starter In The Clasp. If You Like To Hike, I Know Several Of You Do... Or For A Bug Out Bag This Is A Cool Idea From A Company In The USA I Got It From Here Https://
Jason Morris Jason Morris  

Savage Expedition Gear Mens SLAB Paracord Survival Belt Get It Here ---> Https:// This Should Be Part Of Your Every Day Carry (EDC) - 550 Cord/Paracord Made Of Nylon, And Due To Its Legendary Strength-to-weight Ratio And Fantastic Versatility, Paracord Caught On With Other Military Units, Then In Time With Civilians As Well. - 60 To 70 Feet Of 550 Cord/Paracord! If You Use The Inner Strands You Can Extend It To Over 40 Feet (This Is 7 Layered 550 Cord) - Snare Wire Is Handy To Have. There Is 40 Feet Of Stainless Steel Animal Snare Wire Shaped Into A Belt Buckle. 2 Inch Ferrocerium Fire Starter Stick. Now I Never Needed To Make A Fire I Dint Plan Starting In Advance However You Can’t Go Wrong By Having One Of These. This Great For Tourniquet (for Stopping Excessive Bleeding), Emergency Dog Leash, Sewing Thread (inner Strands), Car Luggage Tie-down, Tow A Vehicle (with 10 Strands Wrapped Securely For 10x The Strength), Cuff A Person, Shoe Laces, Secure A Shelter,Emergency Rescue Line For A Drowning Victim, Trip Wires, Scaling A Cliff (Do Not Use For Climbing Unless It Is Life-or Death), Tow A Ski Buddy, Makeshift Stretcher, Makeshift Snow Shoes, Build A Life Raft, Make A Net, Clothes Line, Sling Up An Arm, Set A Splint For A Broken Limb, Secure Items While Moving, Fishing Line, Snaring Animals, Securing Food Away From Bears (bear Bags), Water Sports Emergencies (ties, Tows, And Lines) ANYTHING!! Https:// Savage Expedition Gear #Survival #firestarter #EDC