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Samsung Galaxy S7 Glass Screen Protector Promotion

This Glass Screen Protector is enginered for galaxy S7. It provides ultimate scratch protection.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Glass Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protector, Comsun 2 Pack Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector 9H Hardness, Easy Bubble-Free Installation [Lifetime Warranty]

★ ENGINEERED FOR GALAXY S7: Precise, laser-cut dimensions provide maximum protection for the entire touchscreen surface of your Samsung Galaxy S7 (Note: Covers the flat portion of the screen ONLY and not the curved edges).
★ ULTIMATE SCRATCH PROTECTION: Premium tempered glass effectively resists scratches thanks to its industry-high 9H hardness rating (harder than a knife).
★ HD RETINA CLARITY: 0.26mm thick High-transparency and oleophobic anti-smudge coating maintain your Phone's original high-definition Retina viewing experience and high-sensitivity touch response.
★ SMOOTH FEEL: Tempered glass feels far smoother than plastic PET screen protectors. Fingers glide across the protector as freely as with your original glass screen. 99.99 % touchscreen accuracy, premium anti-scratch, bubble-free, dust-free, fingerprint-free, no rainbow washable one-push super easily installation.
★ SPECIAL NOTE: The glass screen protector won't cover 100% of the screen, but all the flat area. As the rounded design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and to enhance compatibility with most cases, the tempered glass does not cover the entire screen.

Alexandra Scrimgeour Alexandra Scrimgeour  

Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#s7screenprotector @s7screenprotector @sunfuo #sunfup I can finally keep my phone longer than 6 months without having to replace it from a shattered screen.  I am the absolutely the biggest klutz on this planet.  I've been one since childhood and accept that fact.  I need to adjust my buying options keeping this in mind.  I tend to buy the more sturdier version because I know if it can be broken, ill be the one to do it.  Although I was given a discount for an honest review, I would happily paid double to keep from having to replace my phone again.  This kit includes two sets of glass screen protectors.  This is perfect for me since I know I will have the first one destroyed within 6 months.  I'm okay with changing a screen protector occasionally instead of my phone.  The complete set includes cleaning wipes, glass protectors, alignment tabs, and comes in a hardback case to keep undamaged until needed.  The alignment tabs let you lay the glass on perfectly every time.  I thought that an extra layer of glass on a touchscreen would make it less sensitive.  No way!  I put just as much pressure as I did before installing on my phone. It clear as can be and no bubbles or defects at all.  I'm so glad to have solid screen protection, finally.
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#s7screenprotector #sunfuo
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#s7screenprotector @s7screenprotector @sunfuo #sunfup I Can Finally Keep My Phone Longer Than 6 Months Without Having To Replace It From A Shattered Screen. I Am The Absolutely The Biggest Klutz On This Planet. I've Been One Since Childhood And Accept That Fact. I Need To Adjust My Buying Options Keeping This In Mind. I Tend To Buy The More Sturdier Version Because I Know If It Can Be Broken, Ill Be The One To Do It. Although I Was Given A Discount For An Honest Review, I Would Happily Paid Double To Keep From Having To Replace My Phone Again. This Kit Includes Two Sets Of Glass Screen Protectors. This Is Perfect For Me Since I Know I Will Have The First One Destroyed Within 6 Months. I'm Okay With Changing A Screen Protector Occasionally Instead Of My Phone. The Complete Set Includes Cleaning Wipes, Glass Protectors, Alignment Tabs, And Comes In A Hardback Case To Keep Undamaged Until Needed. The Alignment Tabs Let You Lay The Glass On Perfectly Every Time. I Thought That An Extra Layer Of Glass On A Touchscreen Would Make It Less Sensitive. No Way! I Put Just As Much Pressure As I Did Before Installing On My Phone. It Clear As Can Be And No Bubbles Or Defects At All. I'm So Glad To Have Solid Screen Protection, Finally.
Jessica Larrew Jessica Larrew  

Https:// Amazing! These Went On Easy As Pie And Protect So Much Better Than The Flimsy Ones That Are The Norm. It Came In A Great Package With Everythign You Need To Install Two Screen Protectors! *note I Received A Free Or Discounted Product In Exchange For A Review, And Reviewed This Item Unbiased, With Positive Or Negative Feedback, Depending On The Item. I Receive A Free Or Discounted Product In Exchange For My Unbiase Review And I Am Clearly And Conspicuously Disclosing That Fact.
Jessica Larrew Jessica Larrew  

Amazing! these went on easy as pie and protect so much better than the flimsy ones that are the norm.