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Salt And Pepper Grinder By EnviHome Promotion

EnviHome 2-IN-1 pepper grinder: a must-have gadget for every kitchen!

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Salt And Pepper Grinder By EnviHome


Tired of misplacing your salt shaker and pepper grinder? Would you like to find a recipient that's just as good-looking as it's functional?

Call the search team off, because we've got what you need - the enviHome 2-in-1 Manual Pepper Grinder.

But this isn't your average pepper grinder - it's much more than that. This kitchen gadget has a double-ended design that can separately hold pepper and salt. Now you can easily season your recipes and make them tastier! The grinding mechanism on each end ensures that there's no spill or wastage. Flow is controlled by the grinding mechanism, so if there's no twisting, there's no seasoning! No more spills and wastage when you accidentally drop the grinder on the floor.

The enviHome 2-in-1 Manual Pepper Grinder has a ceramic grinding mechanism that's very durable. The body is fashioned with high-quality plastic that can beautifully withstand drops, and accented with stainless steel rings that protect both the contents and the grinding mechanisms.