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Safety Locks For Baby, Child, Kids- For Fridge, Door, Drawer, Cupboard, Oven Promotion

Effective way to take care of your child & protects them from accidents

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Safety Locks For Baby, Child, Kids- For Fridge, Door, Drawer, Cupboard, Oven

About the Product

VALUE PACK - 6 pcs in one pack to cover almost every door and closet in any room for Baby proofing house
MULTI-USE - managed multi-functional Safety Latches can be used on: refrigerator, cabinet, drawer, oven, sliding door
EASY TO USE - installation is quick and simple. It's hard for baby to open but easy for an adult
WON'T DAMAGE FURNITURE - can be used on any surface and do not damage the surface of furniture.
BABY SAFETY LOCKS - effective way to take care of you

Why we love this product so much:

It's Universal
You don't need to look different types of locks. Just buy a set of 6 pieces and place them on the doors: cupboards, cabinets, refrigerator, microwave, bin, and even in the toilet.

It's Easy to Use
You don't need to read long instructions. They are difficult to open a child, but an adult will not be difficult. Place them immediately after purchase and secure your child.

Best Price
No need to postpone the purchase until later, you can do it right now at a promotional price.

SuperPack: 6 locks in pack.

BabySafe Material: Polypropylene (PP).

Color: blue&white.

How to use it

1. –°lean the surface of furniture which you need to install.
2. Adjust the length of strap then push movable blue cover to lock it.
3. Remove back adhesive and straighten product and stick it on to surface of appliance.
4. Press small blue button while moving outside to open the lock.

The quality of product. If a product does not meet the specs, you can return it within 30 days.

Hurry to install child safety locks in your home. It's very simple and not costly step. Do not postpone it for l