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Running Belt Max Promotion

The Running Belt Max is an innovate new running belt made of super-soft Lycra

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Running Belt Max

The Running Belt Max is an innovate new running belt made of super-soft Lycra. It is for runners and for active people -- you can carry your iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone inside the main pouch, and you can listen to your tunes while on the run. The material is sweat-proof, rain-proof and splash-proof, so your electronic gear and other valuables will be protected from moisture.

The main pouch has an internal organizer, so you can separate your money from your phone, and it even has two credit card and ID pouches.

Two smaller exterior pouches are for securing your keys, change, medications and other smaller items. There are even two elastic loops for storing your sunglasses.

Not just runners enjoy this belt: walkers, hikers, fitness enthusiasts, campers, gardeners, skateboarders, skiers/snowboarders, themepark-goers and sporting event spectators, moms-on-the-go and more.

Comes with two FREE gifts: a beautifully formatted eBook for runners and for fitness lovers -AND- and an ingenious water bottle carrier.