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Running Belt By Stealth Tech Promotion

SNUG FIT EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION ensures stored items stay in place in your running belt during activities

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Running Belt By Stealth Tech

BEST RUNNING BELT REFLECTIVE FLIP BELT DESIGN AND CONVENIENCE Fits your mobile devices, iPhone5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung, Android.NON BOUNCE

SNUG FIT EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION ensures stored items stay in place in your running belt during activities make sure to READ THE SIZING CHARTS CAREFULLY to ensure the proper size and fit is chosen before purchase these belts are meant to fit snug so your valuable items stay put during your running workout, marathons!NO

ZIPPERS OR CLUNKY BUCKLES in this running waist pack that can cause bouncing and chafing or other discomfort when running, jogging, cycling, yoga, rock climbing, traveling, hiking, working out or any other awesome outdoor activity where the clothing you choose to wear calls for a pocketless experience. The four pocket stealth designed multi access pockets for multiple items and a convenient key clip for extra security of your keys

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Stealth Tech level Quality assured means that this Stealth Tech product will meet all your needs this guarantee holds true to all of our Stealth Tech running products

MACHINE WASHABLE AND MACHINE DRYABLE for hygiene and freshness Includes Free Mini Stealth Tech pouch as a free limited time gift!** We at Stealth Tech are happy you have chosen us to be your new running partner and this free gift is the first of many we would like to give to our happy fitness enthusiasts around the world.


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