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RFID Blocking Stainless Steel Wallet Promotion

RFID wallet protects your most valuable information from unauthorized scans by blocking RFID signals

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RFID Blocking Stainless Steel Wallet

Protect yourself from digital pick pocketing!Identity Theft is on the Rise...Everyone knows someone who has been a victim of identity theft, who has gone through the seemingly endless nightmare of battling credit agencies, banks and credit card companies to reverse fraudulent transactions and restore one's good credit.Unfortunately according to the world's largest provider of banking and payment technologies, FIS, the annual cost of credit card fraud in the U.S. is estimated to be $8.6 billion per year and experts believe that figure will rise to $10 billion or higher by 2015.What is RFID Technology and Why do I Need to be Prepared?These days many credit cards, licenses, ID cards, transit cards and passports come pre-loaded with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips which offer convenient contactless scanning and information sharing - at the cost, however, of security and privacy.For example using digital readers, readily available online for around $100, hackers and thieves can easily skim the name, account number, and expiration date from an unprotected credit card even while it's still "safely" tucked in your wallet or purse - all the information needed to create a counterfeit card and make unauthorized purchases!