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RFID Blocking Sleeves (10 Credit Card & 2 Passport Protectors) Promotion

Are you ready to protect your identity? Try out our RFID Blocking Sleeves

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RFID Blocking Sleeves (10 Credit Card & 2 Passport Protectors)

Color: White

Imagine someone stealing your identity and credit card information, as you simply walk past them...

This isn't the start of some nightmare, but is rather reality! Digital thieves, can use inexpensive tech and apps to electronically pickpocket your vulnerable and valuable information simply by walking past you and skimming the information from your cards. Once they have your personal information, the real nightmare begins with trying to fight unauthorized charges and reclaim your identity. Take a proactive step in protecting yourself through our proven RFID blocking card sleeves.

How do Pinnacle Security's RFID Blocking Sleeves work?
Our sleeves are equipped with advanced technology that shield your cards and passport by blocking radio waves from your cards' Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips. These waves make it possible for you to make contactless payments, but they can also be skimmed by digital pickpockets.

Ready to protect your identity?
Once you place your valuable credit cards, passports, ID cards and transit cards in our RFID blocking sleeves, your information is instantly protected from would-be thieves. Simply take them out of the sleeves when ready to use. Our sleeves are designed to fit all standard sizes of cards and passports in order to easily be able to slide them in and out while also maintaining a slim profile in order to not bulk up your wallet or pocketbook.

100% Money Back Guarantee
What are you waiting for? We are so confident in our sleeves that if you aren't 100 % satisfied, we'll gladly refund you your money or provide you with a free replacement, your preference.