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Retractable Dog Leash Promotion

Retractable Dog Leash provides a fun and enjoyable dog-walking experience. Extra long and safe ribbon.

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Retractable Dog Leash

★ FINALLY, WALKING YOUR DOG WILL BE A FUN EXPERIENCE: Walk your dog freely in open area with one hand braking, release and recoiling system, which allows the leash to be adjusted to a comfortable length with ease, gives plenty of space for you and your dog to enjoy a safe walk.
★ EXTRA LONG AND SAFE RIBBON: Retractable nylon tape extends up to 16 ft, strong and durable. This dog leash is made out of flat tangle free nylon leash. This prevents the leash from causing rope burns that may be caused by "cord" type leashes.
★ EASY TO CONTROL: Simply hold the Leash by the handle and the smooth and durable Retracting Mechanism will keep the leash tight. To stop the leash, pull up the brake button with your thumb. It will remain locked as long as the button is pressed. Its reliable lock system gives you full control enabling instant retraction of your dog when needed.
★ HEAVY DUTY: For any types of dog with up to 110lbs in weight, works for powerful large dogs, as well as medium sized and smaller dogs, giving them maximum freedom while under your control.
★ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Durable ABS plastic casing with ergonomic grip and anti-slip handle fits in your hand like a glove, provide additional comfort for dog owners during walks.

Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#dogleash @dogleash #sunfuo @sunfuo My New Leash From Sunfuo Up Is The Perfect Thing To Get Me Up And Moving Again. Yep It's That Time Of Year Again To Start Thinking About The Upcoming Summer. This Winter I've Had More Difficulty Getting My Exercise And Have Put A Few Winter Pounds On. Lucky That I Have A New Puppy In The House. When I Say Puppy, Imagine A Hyperactive German Sheppard, Bouncing Off The Walls. Marley Obviously Needs Her Exercise Time Too. Now We Can Exercise Together With Her New Retractable Leash. It's Got A Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Clasp That Latches To Your Pups Collar. No Getting Loose From Me. There Is Also A Locking Button That Keeps The Length Exactly Where You Want It. I Can Let My Dog Explore Up To 16 Feet Away From Me And Also Retract Her Back In A Second. The Latch Is Attached By Double Stitching To Hold Even The Strongest Pull. Although I Was Given A Discount For An Honest Review, I Had Been In The Market For One Since Marley Came Into Our Family Not Long Ago. Although This Will Be Strong Enough While She Is A Pup, She Will Become Quite Large And Outgrow This Leash In About Six Months. Ill Worry About Buying A Thick Two Strap Then For My Beast Child. My Dogs Are My Kids And I Always Buy The Best For Them. This Leash Also Has My Comfort In Mind. The Handle Is Molded To My Fingers And The Slider Lock Moves Easily By My Thumb, And Locks Leash In Tightly. In Addition To Comfort, Strength, It Also Is Easy To Find In The Night, Being A Bright Green Color. This Leash Rocks For My Little One And Keeps Her Safely At The End Of My Arm.
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#dogleash @dogleash #sunfuo @sunfuo My new leash from Sunfuo  up is the perfect thing to get me up and moving again.  Yep it's that time of year again to start thinking about the upcoming summer. This winter I've had more difficulty getting my exercise and have put a few winter pounds on.  Lucky that I have a new puppy in the house. When I say puppy, imagine a hyperactive German Sheppard, bouncing off the walls.  Marley obviously needs her exercise time too.  Now we can exercise together with her new retractable leash.  It's got a heavy duty stainless steel clasp that latches to your pups collar. No getting loose from me.  There is also a locking button that keeps the length exactly where you want it.  I can let my dog explore up to 16 feet away from me and also retract her back in a second. The latch is attached by double stitching to hold even the strongest pull.  Although I was given a discount for an honest review, I had been in the market for one since Marley came into our family not long ago.  Although this will be strong enough while she is a pup, she will become quite large and outgrow this leash in about six months.  Ill worry about buying a thick two strap then for my beast child. My dogs are my kids and I always buy the best for them.  This leash also has my comfort in mind.  The handle is molded to my fingers and the slider lock moves easily by my thumb, and locks leash in tightly.  In addition to comfort, strength, it also is easy to find in the night, being a  bright green color.  This leash rocks for my Little one and keeps her safely at the end of my arm.
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

This is a great leash ( I do want to point out that the leash I received is not for dogs up to 110lbs, but up to 33 lbs, I'm sure its just a typo) Not only is it long enough but it's sturdy unlikeother leashes I have purchased. It fit well in my hand and I am able to adjust the grip of the handle to ensure a good grip. My dog chases squirrels, so i have to have a sturdy leash just in case she takes off before I'm ready. The leash is great because it gives my dog a little more freedom to move around without constant restriction and the mechanism works so smoothly. I received this product at a discounted rate in return for my unbiased opinion.
Linda Baker Linda Baker @GiveawayService #sunfuo #retractabledogleash
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#dogleash #sunfuo Retractable dog leash fabulous
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

This Is A Great Leash ( I Do Want To Point Out That The Leash I Received Is Not For Dogs Up To 110lbs, But Up To 33 Lbs, I'm Sure Its Just A Typo) Not Only Is It Long Enough But It's Sturdy Unlikeother Leashes I Have Purchased. It Fit Well In My Hand And I Am Able To Adjust The Grip Of The Handle To Ensure A Good Grip. My Dog Chases Squirrels, So I Have To Have A Sturdy Leash Just In Case She Takes Off Before I'm Ready. The Leash Is Great Because It Gives My Dog A Little More Freedom To Move Around Without Constant Restriction And The Mechanism Works So Smoothly. I Received This Product At A Discounted Rate In Return For My Unbiased Opinion. Https://