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Retractable Dog Leash Promotion

Retractable Dog Leash provides a fun and enjoyable dog-walking experience. Extra long and safe ribbon.

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Retractable Dog Leash

★ FINALLY, WALKING YOUR DOG WILL BE A FUN EXPERIENCE: Walk your dog freely in open area with one hand braking, release and recoiling system, which allows the leash to be adjusted to a comfortable length with ease, gives plenty of space for you and your dog to enjoy a safe walk.
★ EXTRA LONG AND SAFE RIBBON: Retractable nylon tape extends up to 16 ft, strong and durable. This dog leash is made out of flat tangle free nylon leash. This prevents the leash from causing rope burns that may be caused by "cord" type leashes.
★ EASY TO CONTROL: Simply hold the Leash by the handle and the smooth and durable Retracting Mechanism will keep the leash tight. To stop the leash, pull up the brake button with your thumb. It will remain locked as long as the button is pressed. Its reliable lock system gives you full control enabling instant retraction of your dog when needed.
★ HEAVY DUTY: For any types of dog with up to 110lbs in weight, works for powerful large dogs, as well as medium sized and smaller dogs, giving them maximum freedom while under your control.
★ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Durable ABS plastic casing with ergonomic grip and anti-slip handle fits in your hand like a glove, provide additional comfort for dog owners during walks.