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Rejuventating Day Cream Promotion

FORMULA 9 Fabulously firming, facelift-in-a-jarPower peptides penetrate with firming and tightening gels—quickly works to reduce visibility of lines, tighten lids...

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Rejuventating Day Cream


An Advanced moisturizer to defend against signs of premature aging of the skin and to diminish their appearance. The early signs of aging , like dullness and fine, dry lines, are visibly reduced.

Exceptional daytime hydration to bring out a radiant youthful look to your skin. Gourmet nourishment for VIP skin cells.

Peptide-rich, botanical-bursting moisturizing cream—keeps regeneration running at peak performance for long-term luscious skin.

Food for thought—Delivers nourishment to cellular mechanisms with a rich and unique formula of peptides and active botanicals.

A firm decision: wrinkles, buh-bye—With regular use and in as little as four weeks, you will have a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Pair with Serum Rejeuvenaté to get even more impressive results.

Radical departure—Decadent moisturizers plump skin’s appearance for a dewy glow.

Directions for use*

Cleanse face with Bioque Facial Cleanser and pat dry. If using Serum XL and/or Serum Rejeuvenate, apply first and wait for product(s) to fully absorb. Apply in the morning to facial area, gently massaging with upward motions; can also be used on back of hands and neck. Wait for absorption before applying any additional creams, foundations, or makeup. Use together with Serum Rejeuvenate and Rejuvenating Night Cream for maximum benefit.

Cynthia Nicoletti Cynthia Nicoletti  

I have been using the Rejuventating Day Cream by Bioque. It is great for dry skin. I apply it after my daily shower and it brings super smoothness to my skin. I have been using it for a few weeks. It is not sticky. She applies her makeup after to so her foundation goes on nice and smooth, no dryness or cracks. When I apply the moisturizer I wait a few minutes and it dries up very fast leaving your skin hydrated and moisturized. I did receive this item at a discounted price or for free in exchange for my honest review. #bioque #daycream # moisturizer # productreview