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Red Wine Aerating Pourer By BlackOwl - Portable, Lightweight, Gift Box Promotion

Turn good wine into great wine! With aerator by Black Owl enhance the taste of wine instantly, just while you pour it into the glass.

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Red Wine Aerating Pourer By BlackOwl - Portable, Lightweight, Gift Box

#1 Let it breathe
Modern wine aerator pourer by Black Owl gives you the opportunity to let the wine breathe any time you decide to taste it. Instantly.

#2 How it works
Attach wine aerator to any bottle
Pour the wine into the glass gently
Thanks to the double air intake system, bubbles of air will go through the liquid and aerate it in the process of pouring.
Enjoy the flavor bouquet and rich taste

#3 Increase the value
Turn a good wine into a great one within a few seconds! Buy our wine spout aerator once and give an additional value to any bottle of wine.
You and your guests will feel the difference and enjoy it till the last drop!

#4 Make a perfect wine gift
Buy this set for yourself or make a gift to your friends and relatives with no fear of failure:
Stylish design of the box
You will get a leaflet with a step-by-step instruction on how to turn any occasion related to wine drinking into a really special moment
Plastic stand for easy storage