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Real Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklace - Honey Color - Promotion

REAL AMBER – Proven by science and centuries of parenting.Discover a chemical-free solution that reduces the pain of teething through the natural, healing power of Baltic amber beads.

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Real Baltic Amber Teething Necklace For Baby - Pain Reducing Natural R...

Discover a non-toxic, chemical-free solution that reduces the associated pain and stress of teething through the natural, healing power of Baltic amber beads.

The REAL Baltic Amber Teething Necklace is made with genuine Baltic amber beads and carefully constructed with individual knots and a strong clasp to ensure the safety of your little one. Baltic amber has proven therapeutic properties as a natural source of succinic acid. This special acid is found in very few places on Earth and only certified Baltic amber will work to reduce pain and fussiness during teething.

Certified genuine Baltic amber beads are known for high levels of succinic acid, is a natural pain reliever with powerful anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. When the Baltic amber teething necklace is worn around your baby's neck, their body heat warms the beads to release the succinic acid. This healing acid is absorbed into the bloodstream to circulate through the body, stimulating thyroid glands to reduce drooling, boosting the immune system to support faster healing, and calming the central nervous system.

Unlike chemical pain suppressants, the Baltic amber is completely non-toxic and has no negative side-effects. The necklace is designed to be worn around the neck, not put in the baby's mouth, so there is less choking hazard than teething toys. Simply clasp the Baltic amber teething necklace around your baby's neck for soothing comfort and get back to the calm, happy moments that make beautiful memories.

REAL AMBER - Proven by science and centuries of parenting

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Amanda Cordaro Amanda Cordaro  

Found This Awesome Amber Baby Necklace. Made From Baltic Amber It Is Supposed To Be Extra Soothing! The Only Thing Is I Wish It Was A Breakaway Necklace Just For Safety (you Should Never Leave An Infant Alone Or Leave A Necklace While They Are Sleeping Anyway). I Like The Beads And The Knots Between Each Amber Stone. It Comes A Certificate Of Authenticity And A Cute Little Cloth Carrying Bag. Great For A Gift! Check It Out Here
Carol Green Carol Green  

This Is A Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet And It Is A Lifesaver For Both Babies Who Are Teething And Also Adults. I Have A Sore Back That Is Not Responding Well To Treatment But When It Really Hurts And I Need It To Calm Down, I Put My Amber Bracelet On And Within A Short Time The Pain Has Either Gone Or Become Manageable. The Amber Contains A Natural Substance Called Succinate That Is A Pain Killer. As You Wear The Amber Next To Your Skin, It Warms Up From Your Body Temperature And Releases The Succinate. If Nothing Else Has Worked For You - Try It! You Can Put More Than One Of The Necklaces Together For Even Greater Relief. You Can Get It Here Https://
Abby Hewes Abby Hewes  

Bitty Bird Is Digging On Her New Necklace! She Is Getting 2 Year Molars. It's Tough. We've Tried All Kinds Of Pain Meds, Oils, You Name It. We Turned To An Amber Necklace And Within A Few Days, The Pain Of "owie Mouth" Has Subsided. I Love That It Has A Screw On Clasp And That Each Bead Is Has Knots Between It, So It Is Not Easily Removed Or Broken. It Comes With A Cute Little Bag, Which Is Great For Storage. We Only Remove The Necklace When We Go Into The Pool, Other Than That It's On My Little 24/7. It's The Perfect Length- I Am Not Worried About Her Choking On It, Or Putting It Into Her Mouth. Https://
Shu Shu Shu Shu  

Help Reduce Your Child's Teething Pain And Drooling With Natural Relief From Baltic Amber Necklaces! Every Baby Around The World Must Go Through Painful Teething, Which Can Mean Irritability, Drooling, Lack Of Sleep, And Even Parent Discomfort. That's Why We Developed Real Amber Baltic Amber Tee...
Diana Hickey Diana Hickey  

Discover A Non-toxic, Chemical-free Solution That Reduces The Associated Pain And Stress Of Teething Through The Natural, Healing Power Of Baltic Amber Beads. The REAL Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Is Made With Genuine Baltic Amber Beads And Carefully Constructed With Individual Knots And A Stro...