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RC Cars S912 Promotion

Updated version of S911, waterproof (in rainstorm or snow), more stable, better in skid resistance.

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RC Cars S912

Updated version of S911, waterproof (in rainstorm or snow), more stable, better in skid resistance

Powerful GP brush 390 motor largest in class, highest speed more than 33+mph

S-Truck suspension technology for superior handling and control

10 minutes play time with full charged, 100 meters control distance, four wheel independent suspension system

Your purchase includes 1 x ORIGINAL Red Car Shell and 1 x ORIGINAL 9.6V 800mAh Lipo Battery for FREE!Which typically retail for $24.99.

Jennifer Clay Jennifer Clay  

I received this product on a promotional discount for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review and I am not required to give a positive review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way. I was really excited when I got the chance to review this RC car! I knew my fiance would LOVE it! He loves having his own little toys. I didn't tell him that I ordered this, but let it be a surprise. I just left the box on the table and waited for him to open it! He was overly excited when he did open it! He has a couple of different remote control cars, but nothing like this. He immediately got it up and running so he could take it outside and play with it. He had a grin from ear to ear the entire time! I watched as he raced this car up and down our street. We have a street alongside of our house where very little traffic travels. I was really surprised at how fast this little car will go! It zooms! I didn't expect that much speed out of something so small. I was use to his bigger cars. This RC car comes with an extra cover (one green and one red) and an extra battery. He was really surprised and happy to see these extra pieces. Changing out the covers is really easy. We also really like how the batteries are rechargeable. We don't have to worry about constantly buying batteries. He even took this car to work with him to show off to all of his work buddies. I have personally played with it a couple of times. I am not use to "driving" these RC cars so it took a few minutes for me to really learn how to work the controller. I have never used a controller like the one that came with this car. It has round like control knobs. I highly recommend this RC car! It would make a great birthday present, Father's Day present or Christmas gift for any car lover!
Jennifer Clay Jennifer Clay  

I Received This Product On A Promotional Discount For My Honest Review And They Are 100% My Own Opinions. I Received No Compensation For This Review And I Am Not Required To Give A Positive Review. I Am Also Not Associated With The Seller In Any Way. I Was Really Excited When I Got The Chance To Review This RC Car! I Knew My Fiance Would LOVE It! He Loves Having His Own Little Toys. I Didn't Tell Him That I Ordered This, But Let It Be A Surprise. I Just Left The Box On The Table And Waited For Him To Open It! He Was Overly Excited When He Did Open It! He Has A Couple Of Different Remote Control Cars, But Nothing Like This. He Immediately Got It Up And Running So He Could Take It Outside And Play With It. He Had A Grin From Ear To Ear The Entire Time! I Watched As He Raced This Car Up And Down Our Street. We Have A Street Alongside Of Our House Where Very Little Traffic Travels. I Was Really Surprised At How Fast This Little Car Will Go! It Zooms! I Didn't Expect That Much Speed Out Of Something So Small. I Was Use To His Bigger Cars. This RC Car Comes With An Extra Cover (one Green And One Red) And An Extra Battery. He Was Really Surprised And Happy To See These Extra Pieces. Changing Out The Covers Is Really Easy. We Also Really Like How The Batteries Are Rechargeable. We Don't Have To Worry About Constantly Buying Batteries. He Even Took This Car To Work With Him To Show Off To All Of His Work Buddies. I Have Personally Played With It A Couple Of Times. I Am Not Use To "driving" These RC Cars So It Took A Few Minutes For Me To Really Learn How To Work The Controller. I Have Never Used A Controller Like The One That Came With This Car. It Has Round Like Control Knobs. I Highly Recommend This RC Car! It Would Make A Great Birthday Present, Father's Day Present Or Christmas Gift For Any Car Lover! Https://
Jennifer Clay Jennifer Clay  

My Fiance LOVES his RC car!! It is so fast #manthing Check it out!